Film Finance Consulting

We have successfully secured in excess of $500 million of financing for independent films and our vast network in the film making industry allows us to provide the most suitable options for our clients.

  • Financing Transaction Support
      • Develop an ultimate forecast for the contemplalted film or slate of films
      • Develop and implement distribution strategy for the exploitation of the film or the slate of films in the U.S. and internationally
      • Determine the most suitable financing structure for a film or slate of films, i.e. single-picture production loans, senior production and ultimate borrowing base facilities, P&A facilities, equity requirements, etc.
      • Create investor materials such as business plan, PowerPoint presentations and short-form summary information sheet with key data points about the film project
      • Supervise discussion with third parties in connection with the single picture or slate deal
      • Indentify lenders, supervise and coordinate the closing process with the lenders, equity financiers, attorneys, and other parties involved
      • Negotiate financing arrangements with the various parties on behalf of clients
      • Assist in the development and implementation of Greenlight Protocols
  • Ongoing Project Oversight
      • Prepare periodic reports for guilds and supervise periodic residual payment processing
      • Prepare periodic reports for profit participants and supervise payment processing for all profit participants
      • Oversight of film-related tax compliance
      • Film-related tax compliance
      • Supervise timely monetization of tax credits/incentives
      • Review and update of film ultimates and related amortization for accountants
      • Create periodic financial reporting for management and financiers including compliance reporting to Board of Directors (if applicable) and lenders
      • Serve as corporate liaison to lenders, board of directors and investors