Media & Entertainment Investment Advisory

The disruption of the traditional distribution channels and advertising has created tremendous dislocation on the way content is being consumed and monetized. This has dramatically disrupted the traditional business model on a global basis under which Hollywood has operated for so long.

The new media equation has placed an emphasis on quality content and has enhanced the value of upstream content creation and ownership to exploit a multi platform world. We believe that this trend will continue and additional changes will happen, further disrupting the traditional revenue streams. The vast majority of content will ultimately be delivered digitally on multiple devices/platforms by any content creator, regardless of size, to local and global audiences.

These trends present significant opportunities for investors.

Our firm provides advisory services to financiers and investors and helps in identifying, securing and structuring their media investments with the necessary safeguards in place to protect their investments and provide ongoing investment oversight. We utilize our expertise, along with our global network and reach, to maximize outcomes for our clients.

  • Identify Investment Opportunities
      • Devise a strategy how to secure the right investment and determine exclusive investment options
      • Prepare a through market evaluation and action plan
      • Provide support in indentifying the right opportunities based on risk/return profile of the investor including equity/mezzanine or senior returns
  • Analyze Investment Opportunities
      • Objective and independent detailed valuation of investment opportunities
      • Review investment opportunities and analyze risk associated with investments
      • Assessments of economic potential and viability based on risk and return characteristics
  • Structure Investments and Transaction Support
      • Coordinate the closing effort with the various parties involved
      • Provide transaction support during due diligence phase
      • Provide transaction support to put necessary safeguards and covenants in place